Sirenia : firmano con Napalm Records

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I Sirenia hanno firmato un contratto con Napalm Records. Nadir Amrioui, A&R della label, ha dichiarato:

“Sirenia mainman/guitarist Morten Veland is an amazing songwriter and with his band Sirenia they still belong to the top of gothic metal. We can barely wait to check out the first new songs and to release the new album in early 2015.”

Morten Veland ha aggiunto:

“We are very excited about having signed a new deal with Napalm Records. This is where Sirenia began our career 13 years ago, so it feels like a homecoming in many ways.

Looking forward to keep on bringing our music out to all the metalheads around the world together with Napalm. There is much more to come.”


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