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Cadaveria : cambio al basso

Pubblicato il 6/06/2015 da in News | 0 commenti

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Cadaveria bass

I CADAVERIA hanno annunciato il nuovo bassista, si tratta di PETER DAYTON, già membro di Enough To Kill e Necrodeath. Di seguito il comunicato:

We are very pleased to announce Peter Dayton as CADAVERIA new bass player.

Peter‘s musical tastes and artistic roots come from Swedish Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal. He has a long experience in the extreme music panorama as bassist of Enough to Kill and Necrodeath, where he is known as GL. Besides his talent and his maturity as musician, the main reason that led us to let him join our group is the fact he is really into CADAVERIA mood and he is truly motivated to enter our shadows’ realm as a steady member of the band.

As CADAVERIA tradition wants, the band members names deal with the characters of David Lynch’s filmography. Peter Dayton comes from the Lost Highways to join CADAVERIA’s path.

Welcome Peter!


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