Accursed Years : nuovo singolo a supporto delle foreste

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Oggi i britannici Accursed Years pubblicano il loro nuovo singolo “Wings of Fire”. Contemporaneamente, la band lancia una campagna di raccolta fondi a favore di Woodland Trust per aiutare a proteggere le foreste.

“Our new single, Wings of Fire, is a song essentially about deforestation. The world is losing its forests at an alarming rate, so this is a subject that we felt we wanted to discuss.
We also wanted to go a little further than simply speak about the subject through our music, so we’ve decided to try our hand at a little fundraiser in support of Woodland Trust, a charity that aims to plant and protect forests in the UK.”

Alla campagna di raccolta fondi la band ha collegato un concorso, per maggiori info e per donare cliccate qui:




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