Teardown : cover natalizia di “The Little Drummer Boy”

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I metallers austriaci Teardown hanno pubblicato il video per la loro cover version natalizia di “The Little Drummer Boy” a cui hanno contribuito Pluto’s Desert Road & Dreaming Of Tomorrow. Potete vedere il video qui:

La band ha detto:

“The song is a cover version of “The little drummer boy” in different styles. There are acoustic, rock, punk and a hardcore part include. Each part features another singer with three of the four vocalists being guest artists. The song and the video was created independently. Dominik was the “head” of this project and he did the whole recording, mixing and mastering by himself.
Together with the performance video, which we shot in our rehearsal studio, the song should put a smile on your face. By including other singers our goal was to drift into other genres and try out something new. We hope everybody can hear and see that the whole recording was a great experience and last but not least everyone involved had some good fun too.”


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