OB NIXILIS – “Rocky” Metal

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OB NIXILIS – “Rocky” Metal

Intrigued by Ob Nixilis’ proposal, usually external to my tastes, I decided to ask them a few questions about the band and their debut “Abhorred”

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Who is Ob Nixilis?  Would you like to introduce yourselves one by one and briefly tell us about previous projects in which you have been active?

Hello! We are Ob Nixilis from Colorado Springs, CO. We are a blackened death metal band formed in 2020. Jeremy, who is our drummer and lead vocalist, formed the band with Manny, who plays guitar and does backing vocals, in the winter of 2019. Jeremy previously played in a local band called Autonomous and he currently still works on his solo project called Oaken Throne. Jeremy has been playing drums for over 15 years and not only plays the drums, but also plays various other instruments as well including keyboards, mandolin, cello and ukulele. Manny started playing guitar when he was 14 years old. Manny grew up in California and played in a couple of local bands out there to include Desecrator and Sea of Sin. Matt, who also plays guitar in the band, is originally from Wisconsin and he previously played in a band in the Chicago area called Damnation Winds. Matt also has two side projects that he works on. One of which is an atmospheric/symphonic black metal project called Auxeptheon and his other project is an industrial black/death metal project called Dyoxidon. Both of Matt’s projects have released full length albums which can be found on Bandcamp. Our bassist, Joe, has been playing bass for close to twenty years. Joe and Jeremy were both in the same band, Rotting Demise, in their high school days. Joe has performed and rehearsed with various jam bands and has assisted other bands in the writing and bass tracking process. Collectively, Ob Nixilis has been a four-piece band for close to two years.

Tell us how you decided to create Ob Nixilis and what happened before the release of “Abhorred.”

The group was originally formed by Jeremy and Manny. They met at a local hangout and began to jam shortly after they met. They began writing original material right away and were shortly after joined by former bassist, Pat. The band was originally formed right as the pandemic hit so the band was able to focus heavily on writing material. The previous bass player, Pat, left the band later in 2020 and was replaced by current bassist, Joe. We then took all the material that the band had up to this point and recorded our first EP, Grimoire of the Dead, and then began to play shows in our local area to promote the EP.

Are the 7 songs contained in “Abhorred’ linked to each other by a concept or are they unrelated? What themes do the lyrics address?

The 7 songs on “Abhorred” stand alone individually and are not linked to each other in any way. Lyrically, the songs address war, tribal unity, religion, death and horror. “Abhorred’ encapsulates the way we feel towards certain ideas and the depraved way in which people live and treat each other.ob nixilis

In my review of “Abhorred” I wrote that ideally the album can be divided into two parts: The first one ends with “Interludium II” and seems to me more violent and aggressive, with less concessions to melody and breaks. Instead from “War of the Burning Sands” to the end of the record you can hear melodic passages, sometimes even progressive and almost Blackgaze. Is this the case? Is there an ideal evolution of sound in the record?

The short answer is yes! We felt like we were migrating creatively as we were writing the record and we wanted to show that sound progression on the record. We enjoy incorporating different elements into our music such as more melodic passages, dissonance, tempo changes etc. When we wrote the songs, we did not have an idea of how they would all fit laid out on the album, but when it came time to arrange the song order, they all sort of just fell in to place and we thought they flowed nicely.

How does your compositional process work?

We try to write songs together as a band. So, a song may start out as an idea that one of us has and from there, Manny will usually take that idea and write the foundation of the song. To keep with our sound, we tend to lean more so on Manny to write the main foundational part of the music and then from there, we all add our own respective parts. Creatively, we all always come up with ideas and we are all always receptive to these ideas and we always try them out to figure out what works best for the song. As the foundational elements of the song begin to expand and the structure of the song is formed, we all bounce ideas off each other to make the song the best that it can be. We all work very well together and are all receptive to each other’s input and direction. So, it is a very collective and organic composing process that we are all a part of.

The label that publishes you is Reaping Scythe Records. How did you get in touch with them?

We had played a show in January 2022 with a band that we had not heard of called Necrosophik Abyss. After we played the show, we were talking to the band members and found out that they were part of the Reaping Scythe collective and the label itself was started and run by their drummer, Spy. We got to know the band well during the following year and played more shows with them and when it came time to record “Abhorred”, it just felt like the natural place for us to be.

The cover of “Abhorred” is very unique. Who designed it? Did you choose it because it has a meaning?

The album art was created by our friend Dennis Hughes (Cythraul Art) who is here in Colorado Springs as well. He is a good friend of the band, and we try to utilize as much local talent and art as we can. The album artwork really has no significance or meaning other than the reaper, that is portrayed on the album art, represents the demon that is Ob Nixilis.

ob nixilisHave you already started live activity in support of your music? Are you planning to visit Europe as well?

We have already started playing live in support of the album release. We have been playing shows throughout our home state of Colorado and are looking forward to visiting the surrounding states as well in the near future. We would also love to visit Europe and play over there as soon as possible!

Your proposal is peculiar. How did you decide to set your artistic project on blackened death metal?

Individually, and collectively, our main influences are bands from this genre. We decided to set our goals and writing style as blackened death metal because we tend to write our songs heavily influenced from the black metal style as well as from death metal. We are no strangers to writing riffs with heavy, hard-hitting chords, or fast tremolo picking. We also utilize a lot of harmonies and melodic passages that add more depth and dynamic to our songs. Jeremy utilizes a lot of fast, in your face double bass drum techniques and patterns as well as fast blast beats, but also enjoys grooving out a drum beat that is slower when a part of the song requires it. We enjoy exploring different tempos and mid-song tempo changes to keep the crowd engaged as well as to add more emotional elements to our songs that keep the listener engaged, intrigued and wanting more.

In Poland live the absolute masters of this genre: Behemoth. Are they among your inspirations? Are there also other bands that have helped shape your sound?

Yes, we are all huge Behemoth fans when it comes to their older material. Their older material has all had a positive impact on each of us when it comes to influencing our style and sound. Inferno, Behemoths drummer, is also in Azarath, who is a big influence for Matt and Joe. We all also are heavily influenced by Batushka, Old Mans Child, Emperor, Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, Deafhaven, and old school Cradle of Filth.

I was impressed to read that your singer is also the drummer! How do you manage  to play like that and sing at the same time? Also, I seem to sense some nuances in your singing, kind of like you can modulate your voice to impart black or death attitude depending on the song.

(Jeremy) I think that combining the two is manageable because I have been drumming for close to two decades, although some of that time was spent away from drums, the rhythms always stick with you. Still, it has definitely been a challenge to not lose drum ambition when introducing vocals. The best sessions feel more like meditation, focusing on breathing to get to the next screams and letting the limbs do what they, hopefully, remember how to do.
All our band members really appreciate diversity so embodying that vocally to match the tone has been an enjoyable undertaking. Looking at our newest, unreleased material, I can say that there is more diversity and variance to come!

Ob Nixilis hails from Colorado. What is the metal scene like in your state?

Rocky Mountain Black Metal (RMBM) is real! The metal scene in Colorado is great! We have a large and diverse group of local metal bands, many of which we have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with! The crowds that come out to shows are great too! We seem to be seeing a lot more younger fans coming out to shows as well so it seems to us that the scene is strong and thriving as well as continuing to grow!

Do you have any good band names to suggest coming from your neck of the woods?

Our fellow Reaping Scythe bands such as Necrosopik Abyss, Cyffrous Indignus, Obscene Worship, Nightwraith and Ashes For the Mute. Some other great bands from around here are Tovenaar, Cronos Compulsion, Belltower, H.E.A.D. Shrinker, Closed Casket, Human Paint, Panpsychism, Teratanthropos, Vile Aesthetic, Belhor, Helleborus, Akhenaten, Nightbringer, Akhlys and Dreadnought to name a few.

Open Space! Greeting, insults and whatever you want to say!

Huge shoutout to everyone and anyone who has checked out “Abhorred”. Make sure to check out our Bandcamp page for merch and follow us on all the socials! Huge thanks to our label, Reaping Scythe, and our engineer Jacob! Also want to say a huge thank you to the Ostrow brothers for their constant help and support! And want to shout out Vultures, The Triple Nickel, The Black Sheep and Fritzys which are great venues here in our hometown. Be sure to check out “Abhorred” if you haven’t yet. We cant wait to see you all out there on the road soon! Thanks for all the love and support!


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