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On the occasion of Die.Ego’s Turin date, I had the pleasure of having a chat with Diego Fardel, guitarist of the London-based band, a very pleasant and willing character to talk about himself and his experience with Die.Ego. Happy reading!

1) Tonight is the last night of the tour. Would you like to tell me how this adventure in italy went?

Yes! It’s going great, this is the firt time we come to italy. This is the fourth show because it’s a small tour. The first date was in Milan and it was really cool and then we had a pair of other gigs we played in Viareggio and Aprilia. We found a really nice crowd and we were received very well and tonight’s Turin which is the Hometown of our singer Gabe (Scapigliati). And he’s very excited to play here!

2) I know that some of you have its roots here in Italy. How do you feel to be here in Italy to play? Is it an experience you will repeat in the future?

Absolutely! Our singer Gabe is italian and our drummer (Edoardo Mariotti) is italian too but he’s not touring with us because unfortunately he broke part of his knee and he couldn’t be here tonight. Sambo (who replaced Edoardo) is also italian (Laughs) while I’m from Argentina and I’m half italian so it’s great to be here. This is also the first time outside of UK for us where we played a lot. So, it’s going great!

3) Do you see any differences between the attendants in Italy and in the UK?

Obviously, we were playing in England for quite a while already so we are a bit more known there. Here people come discovering so maybe some people were looking us from the behind trying to understand what we like nodding with the head like “Yes, it sounds good” and some people right in the front headbanging. But I think it’s normal when you go see a band that you don’t really know. You try to listen to. That’s fun!

4) This is the promotional tour for your last record “74 Days Staring At the Void”. How is thedie.ego diego reaction of the fans and the critiques?

It’s far from what I expected. It’s a little bt different from the previous one so I think we are more intense, darker and heavier no. Before realising the album we were like “Ok we don’t know how our fans, our crowd, would have reacted to it because it’s different but everyone seems to love it and we got some good reviews and also the reaction by our fanbase was positive, way more than expected! We are very happy with it.

5) “74 Days…” is the follow up to your debut album “Culto”. To me, there was an evolution in the sound because “Culto” was more Groove – oriented , with some Pantera vibes, while the new record is more thrashy. Do you agree with this analysis or maybe it was just a “flow of emotions”?

No, it was definitely a conscious decision to change. The first record shows the start of journey of the band. We started writing songs with Gabe since 2014, so it’s quite a few years spent discovering the sounds until we achieved what we wanted to do with “Culto” but we had some songs left. So for the second record we started writing from scratch but we had already in mind “Ok, we want to go to the next level”. We wanted to create our own identity. Also, we got a different record for “74 Days” so it brought different riffs, different elements to our music. I think, from the technical point of view, Edoardo is more versatile from our previous drummer and we decided to play faster, more aggressive and resonate our roots. I think we definitely got it.

6) If you have to choose 3 songs from your tracklist, which are the ones you love to play live the most?

The first is “Consumed by Mediocrity” that has very powerful lyrics and also have an instrumental session that I really enjoy playing live, “Serpent Bearer” because is, you know, the single for the record and it’s a “punch-on-your-face” of a song” and I would probably say “Son of Devotion” as well. I like them all obviously, but since i’ve got to choose only 3 from the new record, I would say those.

7) Are you currently working on new music for an EP, a record or something else?

Yes and No. We wanted to take this record out to see how people react to that in Live, also when you play live you go on the road and you have the chance to interconnect with the members of the band. Well of course we always write some riffs and stuff, but before writing new music seriously for an EP or whatever, we would like to know the direction we wanna go because we don’t want to repeat ourselves. There’s a big change from the first record to the second an we are very happy with the new sound but we won’t repeat it in the future. Then we have to understand the idea, the message we wanna say because for us is very important, we’re a band that write Songs. “We are here with a mission!” and we got something to say. Sometimes its complicated but we go on the road in England and outside like Italy to spread a message and we are already having conversation and luckilywe are on the same page.

8) Are you thinking about playing outside of Europe in the future? Are you arranging something about that or maybe it’s just a dream?

The dream is always to take our music as far as we can. Currently we don’t have any plans to go out of Europe but we’ll be always open to the idea. Just to say, I’m from Argentina so my dream is to take this message, this band to the country where I came from.

9) If you have to convince someone to listen to your music and come to your gigs, what would you say?

COME TO THE SHOW! Once you see us, you’re gonna like us. That’s all.

10) If you have to choose some bands from Italy with whom you would like to play, which ones would you choose?

Can you drop out some names? Because I don’t really know many bands from italy… The bands that has played with us in these days treated us very well so we liked them, of course. But I don’t knows any specific names unfortunately, I should probably know, maybe those who resonate with our music. Always when I think about Italy I think about Power metal. When i was 14 I was really into it so i appreciated a lot ban dlike Rhapsody , Vision Divine but that’s not what we do. So, at the moment I don’t know italian bands that plays what we do. But this is a small world, we’re always open to meet new bands, new people. In September we’ll be touring the UK with a canadian band called Saint of Death. To be fair we never met them before but we are looking forward to that. I think in some countries there’s like a misconception: in England the scene is very open minded so you can find us playing our music and then a Death metal band after us and people are just willing to listen to. Let’s say, if you’re good in some ways they simply like you. It could be more extreme, more melodic or whatever but as long as you know what you do in terms of message and on stage people are gonna understand that.

11) Open space: Say what you want!

Always thank to the people who come to the shows and listen to our music, it doesn’t mind if you play our music on spotify, youtube or you buy the record but I have to say, if you buy the record it’s the best for the bands in general. We live in an era where many peole take music for granted beacuse it’s almost free. I use spotify as well because it help you to discover band but it doesn’t pay the band. I think that everyone who is actually willing to take a moment to listen to the band then they can take the next step and buy the record or the merchandising. Anyway again I thank the fan, the listeners, the supporters and also everyone that help us to make our dreams come true. Then my band member, we are a unit.

(Thanks to Melissa Ghezzo for the Photos)

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