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DESTRUCTION – Thrash Till Till Death

Time to wait. Time for quarantene. In Italy, as well as in Europe and somehow in all the world, we are all lockdowned. Hard times for artists who wants to play live and for fans who wants to go to concerts. But there is a good chance to have time to listen a lot to music, so Destruction released a live album not planned called Born To Thrash and now they had good time to promote it. I had a good chance to have a 40 minutes phone call with mastermind Schmier to talk about it and about all this crazy period we are living. Take time to check it out.

Hey Schmier… First of all how are you and how are you living this quarantene time?

Well it’s crazy time. We’re living in not easy days and I guess that in italy should be even more crazy. That’s why, luckily for me, I decided to check this new live album and get a little bit busy. We had so much bad news for cancellations and I am very happy for this distraction with this unexpected promotion. It’s important when you sit home to accept all this situaion and so I have something good to do. Germany is now in lockdown but now start to get better with first openings. We can shopping and biking, I heard that in latin America they can go only once a week.

Let’s start from this live album called Born To Thrash.. if i am not wrong it was not in plan so why did you decided to release it?

Exactly. It was not planned really. We recorded last summer and it was great, spontaneous. It was a great night and show but we never know that we had a record we could use. So when covid19 arrived and nothing worked out anymore we faced tour cancellation as we are now in a time where no live shows are allowed. We called our lable and ask to go out with a mix of this live album with a quick release. To be honest the album will see the light the 17th of july as the production of vinyls takes 3 months for the artwork and factory! Manifactories now are really busy and takes lots of time, but at least we are already out with the digital version because of the circumstances..

It’s a special and very intense set list. A lot of old tracks… a festival edition during the Born to Perish promotion. Why you choose for Party San Open air and not other festival or not any other concert with a longer set list?

We didn’t intented really to recorded it. It was on the weekend of the release of the album Born To Perish, so it was planned to play some classic of our songs and we had anything else as a couple of shows. A good opportunity and chance for us to have recording of these 55 minutes with no fade or any cut, so all you will get it will be an intense Destruction show. Usually several shows are fixed together into one but they have not the same flows. In this case every song goes directly to the other and I really like it. It’s really spontaneous. Usually there is always something missing but this short live have anything needed!

This is not your first live album so I am going to ask you what do you think about all the others you published? Can you spend just few words for each of them?

Live Without Sense: only for japan… this is number 3 ultimate live 1989 strong four peace line up

Alive Devastation: it’s a bonus album never released as official
Live Discharge it’s an historical DVD release including cd also
The Curse of the Antichrist – Live in Agony 2009 it is a great live… 3 shows and very criticized as it has been recorded within from different shows – not good atmosphere
A Savage Symphony it’s a DVD with CD – nothing special.

What do you remember about the day in Party San Festival?

It has been a great weekend and as I told we just had the release of new album so we could go out for some big festivals in Europe and we had in august Party San in Germany and Brutal Assault in Czech Republic. When you can go out with a fresh album in these kind of festivals is amazing and we had really both great shows. I wish we could go back and record even the one in Czech Republic.

And which memories about last time in Italy? It was concert with Overkill, I well remember as I was in Cesena in first row..

I remember it was the first of our shows for that tour and it was a total chaos. We should play in Bologna in the beginning, but there was a problem with the venue and we needed to go to Cesena and we had not time to fix and organize all as it was planned. It was our first show with Damir on second guitar too. In the end it worked out very well.

How this new line up in 4 peace with 2 guitar is working? I guess fine specially live as many guitar parts are more clear even if Mike always did so great job through the years…

Three piece is a great team and it worked out for long time, but in four we now have so much more power and intensity and we can handle armonies parts, so it feels great. We played many shows and it was really better to hear how the sound can come out now. Iwish we would have done that before as I think it is the best decision we have made in many years specially for live shows. It really sounds great! It took a long time for to arrive to this, but Damir is a fantastic player and a cool person, a real good guy and so I am very proud of this great line up.

Sodom too changed line up totally and now they have 2 guitars too. What do you think about their new line up and changes? And did you hear the new band of Bernemann and Makka, Bonded?

Sodom are Good friends of ours and it’s good to see they’re in four. It really surprised me a lot that line up was crashed suddenly. I didn’t liked that so much as i really had good feelings with all the guys. However the new band is cool too and they’re all nice people; I know them all and I respect their decision. The sound is good in 4 for them as well.

About Bonded they are really such good band too. Bernemann is really friendly and a good guitar player. I am very happy about this good singer they have and about all the line up – It’s good that it is working. I expected the best for them and we will see now two good bands!

You was almoast at the end of the tour in february. You stopped it at the end just before to finish with Germany, Switzerland and last date of the tour in Italy… You’ve been pretty lucky as many bands should quit the tour and loose lots of money…

Only last show in Italy was cancelled. We even wanted to play but the local authorities cancelled it; nobody knew still that could be so crazy times in Italy and in all the world. It was unexpected. Germany closed later when I was in holiday and it was not even easy to come back.

The tour was leads Destruction with other good bands as Legion of the Damned and Suicidal Angels… now you will come back in November and December with Warbringer and Crisix. I have few more questions about all this… first of all, do you think people will be ready for safety from virus and all legal laws that we saw on the last period?

I think now still there is long time before autumn. I am pretty sure that we can be able to forgot this shit. But we should thinking how to do concerts with new security laws and rules according to governments. We will think about security first and to be confident. I am sure there will be a way for it at the end of year. We are learning a lot about how to fight this virus and we will know more knowledge and information to beat it. Life without concerts is not acceptable and not possible.

Do you think that all this can be good or bad for future of the bands? I mean… Everybody needed to stop so all bands will need money and will tour a lot. Do you think there will be enough space for all these bands to return or people should choose which concert to go?

I know that many people had real huge economical problems. It won’t be so easy for lots of bands and artists as there will be for sure less venues and booking agencies. We will have tour bus with less capacity and many bands are starting now to book tours, to be first and to have place as I am sure it will be all very busy next year. I don’t know how people will react and how much they can be scary about, but time will tell us in next weeks and next days. I hope things will change and dark clouds will clear for next months.

Many venues and festivals are closing and ask for funds to recover huge lost of money as not all goverments helped artists and music. What about in Germany?

In germany we had the same problems. Lots of bands and festivals canceled until the end of summer. One big thing. We have in Germany a very good health system and goverment is helping by paying their costs and fees. There is a little help also for artist from them and we are very confident about that we can go out on the road and coming back little by little. Goverment were helpfull for indipendent companies and people. Still hard for restaurants and bars but it will be question of time.

What about relation between Italy and Germany and Europe? In the beginning we had not so great help and everyone looked at us as we were the only one with this problem, but then things started to change a little bit…

I know this situation. People needed lots of breeding medicine and everyone looked for own people in the beginning and then about others. Germany was afraid because of many people in their Nation but luckily they repaired fast and then started a better cooperation. However I think europe should think about this for future and to be more ready to help. Sometimes stupid rules make bad problems.. I am not a politician and I think rock help more than institutions sometimes, specially to be more unite!

What you did during these time of quarantene. Composing new music for successor of Born To Perish?

So far not started yet. I need other 2 weeks, then we will see. As in summer there will be no concerts I think that Mike could start writing songs. There is nothing planned still for next year. We will decide; Born to Perish is only 8 months old so we still have time to tour and promote the album. We wanted to do that before but for the moment we should wait and see.. We will have time to write!

Still no news for a tour about the Big Teutonic Four with Kreator, Sodom and Tankard?

I can tell that this for the moment won’t gonna happen. We tried but unsuccessfully. If want to know why… ask Kreator and Sodom!

I saw at least Big Teutonic Three. It was 2001 in Ravenna and you played with Kreator and Sodom…

Yeah! Great memories in Ravenna. It is close to Rimini; great place for holiday. I was very impressed to play there in a town so different from usual Milan or Bologna and it was not during summer. We played in a disco and we shared the same bus. Near to every club was sold out and the atmosphere was great. Amazing Tour.

Can you find the way to close this interview in a positive way?

I Hope all the best to our italian fans and hoping for better time. We will have shows again in Italy soon. Hoping to come back in november and meanwhile check the album Born To Perish and you will have time to listen this live album too for atmosphere. Good for isolation!



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