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ANGSTSKRIG – Behind The Mistery


As mysterious as they are eclectic, Angstskrig are the pioneers of Danish black’n’roll. We caught up with them to talk about their debut album Skyggespil and the Danish metal scene.

Hi guys! First of all, thank you for the interview and welcome to our site.

Hi Michela, it’s a pleasure. Thanks for the invitation.

Why did you decide to form a duo and not a “classical” formation?

In the beginning, it’s a matter of getting things going and then “too many cooks can spoil the broth”. However, we still don’t know whether Angstskrig will remain a duo or become a trio, quartet, quintet, sextet or whatever in the future. Everything evolves and so do we.

You have lived artistically apart for a decade, when or on what occasion did you decide to start with this project and record an album?

We were artistically separated when our paths suddenly crossed in a new twist, we got closer physically and artistically and the time was ripe to be creative together.

Your sound is called “black’n’roll” by many reviewers, do you recognise yourself in this definition? Black metal is usually considered a conservative genre…

We feel comfortable with many labels as our sound is very eclectic. Even the label “black’n’roll” makes sense, since we have many references to rock’n’roll.

You strictly protect your anonymity but there are many collaborations with famous musicians on the album. How did these collaborations come about and do you have any particular stories to tell?

We had created four songs with solo parts, and even though our style depends mainly on that, we couldn’t play a solo or sing in Swedish, so we invited some friends to help out. Each of their contributions took this album to another level. We are very grateful to them.

How would you describe your shadow play, the lyrics within the album?

Appearances are deceiving and looking through the lens of modernity, we see that reality does not behave as our idealisms, essentialisms and other immutable concepts suggest. When COVID-19 hit, the discrepancies between modern thought, action and language became very clear and we see similar discrepancies also in relation to climate change which is a modern problem for which modernity has no solution. In other words, modernity is quite superficial. It is a big shadow play, which has given mankind many great things but at the same time has brought mankind and many other species to the brink of extinction.

Are you planning a tour? What should we expect from your live shows?

We recently announced our participation in COPENHELL 2022. But already in autumn 2021 we will have our first concerts around Denmark.

How did you come up with the idea of the tutorial video where you teach the correct Danish pronunciation of your songs?

We heard a lot of interesting pronunciations of song titles and thought we could give people all over the planet the tools to pronounce them correctly. We also like the Danish language and want to share it with everyone who is interested.

Denmark recently played in the European football championships and the Danish metal scene is thriving. Do you think the public is getting to know your country better?

We hope so. Denmark is not known for professional metal musicians on an international level but with all the talented artists that have been emerging in recent years, we hope to see more Danish bands getting more attention.

Thank you very much for now, Michela. Take care.


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