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Dynazty : Tales from the North


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Having the opportunity and the honour of being able to interview one of my favourite groups is not something that happens every day. Excited? Yes, very much! I’d like to thank AFM Records and Nils Molin for their availability and time. A big thank you to Ivan Gaudenzi; enjoy reading!

Hi guys.. nice to meet you… thank you for your time and for your time.. welcome on our pages! Can you start telling us how born in you passion for music and which is your relationship with it in every day life?

My passion for music was most likely born along with me. I can remember reacting very strongly to the sound of music at a very early age.


Which musicians did influences your way to sing/play?


Lots and lots of different ones. My main influences in terms of singing are most likely Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and David Coverdale.


Which band or musician has been determinated for your start up? Who start up the light in you to decide going out and making music?

None in particular and all of the bands that I’ve loved over the years.


Your brand new album just saw the light in these days and fans were expecting with so much exciting. Why did you decide to release first three video in so short time?

We had lots of strong single material and just wanted to make as much out of it as possible.


Talking about them. “Precence of Mind” really hit me as really original and it seems to be there. Where and how born idea to record it that way with you in the middle of the scene and camera filming around?

The idea came from video director Tage Rönnqvist.


In the song ”From Sound To Silence“ you have Henrik Englund Wihelmsson as special guest (growl voice in Amaranthe), how it was to work with him on this track and why you decided for a growl in a song already strong itself?

Henrik is my buddy and he really likes the band. so when there was a song that would feature growl, it was a no-brainer to use Henrik.


“ Heartless Madness “, has a keyboard intro and riff that cannot go away for days.. I think fans will really like it. How you came up with this song and what do you expect from it? A new Van Halen Jump or Final Countdown?

I never expect anything when releasing a song. I’m just happy people like to listen to it.


With “The Road To Redemption” a real surpise and I had in mind some kinda of isolated western landscapes with wind blowing hot. Which is your vision of this song and what do you think about reaction of your fans?

That was the vision we had when writing the songs. I’m really happy with the fan reaction to it as people seem to understand what we were going for.


You did plan a promo tour for this album and unfortunately all has been freezed. Do you have already plans for postpone all the tour? When we will have chance to see you in Italy or at festivals?

At this point nobody knows.. As soon as this pandemic is over and we are allowed to get out and play in front of fans, we will be!


How are you living this quarantene times? I know Sweden has not so many limits as we have in Italy…

We’re quite loose here. So life is not that strange for most people.


Is there any connection between lyrics and cover album?

Yes, indeed. The Dark Delight is a metaphor for temptation. If you look at the album cover, you’ll see a person indulging in forbidden fruit..


Where has been recorded the album and how long you took for it? Do you like time in studio?

The album was recorded in multiple studios. Drums in Hansen Studios with Jacob Hansen who also mixed the album. The rest were recorded in different home studios. I like making new music, but I wouldn’t neccesarily say I like being in the studio.


Which particular song you are particularly proud of and why?

I’m proud of all of them. Couldn’t possibly name a favourite.


Feel free to get last word to close the interview by greet or thank anyone at your pleasure!

Stay safe and strong out there, and take the time to listen to our new album, The Dark Delight!





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