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ENFORCER – Collapsing Universes

The 1980s are pretty far away from today, but they are very much back in fashion. Enforcer didn’t think anything of it when in 2008 they started playing with retro sounds that have shaped their career. The Swedish band’s heavy metal is indeed heavily contaminated by those years, but woe betide Olof, the band’s frontman, if he talks about the later years. He just doesn’t like those. Nostalgia, is a title that says a lot about the quartet’s latest record, and we wanted to know more about it. The cover art then is really beautiful. Unfortunately, Olof is not very happy with the Italian fans and we found him rather unhappy with the turnout especially on the last tour. There are many ways of saying things, but perhaps our Swedish friend is not that wrong. Here is the interview with a character not particularly easy, but nevertheless, definitely himself in telling about himself and his band.

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Hi Olof… first of all Enforcer was a one man project and you planned to play all instruments and write all music – how you decided to switch to a real band in 2008 with the first album?

Oh that’s very long time ago. I can bearly remember. I think it was in the time when we start to get some attention on the internet and when someone offered me to play a couple of shows I understood that we need to be a band. It was meant to be that way. After that there was no doubt anymore that we become really a full band.

You was born in 1986 so probably you have a more clear idea about the 90ies but your music is so highly contaminated by the decade before. How you arrived to the Enforcer sound?

Yes correct. I grow up most in the nineties but the answer is pretty simple. I always disliked the metal music from the nineties and I never found anything that I like. Still can’t listen to anything about that period. It sounds all so stupid. Everything in our sound is totally the opposite about that era so as like the beginning of 2000. That’s the fundament of the band but this doesn’t mean that I want to be like an eighties drawback. I am inspired by seventies and eighties heavy metal music but we take it to the future and we do our thing about it

Last years movies, music and dresses turned out again to fashion of the 80ies. How this do you think helped the success of your music?

I don’t think that has anything to do with it. That’s totally unrelated. Hopefully it can glorify this decade of music and can bring some attention to the revival scene with bands who plays more true type of metal than the false metal from the nineties.

With Nostalgia album you probably are less fast then last albums, but always aggressive and so much heavy speed metal. How did you approaced to this new album, despite the other ones?

I think that the biggest approach was that I wanna to make a bunch of songs that would be super recognizable, super memorable smash hits songs, like a greatest hits album.

Nostalgia, the song itself is a sort of ballad.. what’s behind this title and lyrics?

Well the lyrics are pretty much about starting reflect on the world around yourself. Reflections about yourself, when you start to change, become old, wither and die.Yourself age and there’s nothing you can do about it and you will die one day. Everything will die one day. One day every Adam of the entire world will be completely disolved in the universe. And there’s nothing to do about that. That’s like the ultimate fate of everyone that we know.

You created a particular project called Nostalgia Experience. I saw it but describe it to who still doesn’t know what’s behind it and how it works.

It’s a 3D platform of a room where you can enter in this different world and there are lots of contents that we put inside. Some videos from us, from the past, and you can interact with the band. You can check out what we have to say about different things.

Is this inspired to your old room in childhood or teenage?

Maybe a little bit but it’s not intentional!

Great artwork for this album..! I guess you wanted to express the sense of time that reflects this jump in the past back in the 80ies.. is it?

Well that’s true. You can see the Grim Reaper in the picture olding an hour glass containing our entire universe showing that it is about to expire and everything that we know is also going to expire.You can even see that the grim reaper itself is disolving into the universe. There are also references to other songs like reaper refers to “Kiss Of Death”, and yes he’s like in chains, that’s for “Unshackle Me”. There are some more like the rainbow colours and the hour glass that refers to “At The End Of The Rainbow”.

So the lyrics itselves are related into a concept somehow?

Yes you can see this concept as perhaps existing all over the album.

So.. in summer you have dates in festivals, but when we will see you in tour to promote the album and when in Italy again?

I don’t know about Italy. We might have a tour coming up in the end of the year, but it’s too early to say that. Hopefully we can do that. Probably it’s gonna be like a package tour with a bunch of other bands.

What about touring in Italy? How people perceive your music comparing it to Sweden or other countries? And how they react?

I think the italian fans are great and very passionate about our music. I think they really likes Enforcer, but what’s really sucks about the italian fans is that they don’t go out for concerts. They don’t always go to shows. There are so many shows we’ve been doing in Italy so poorly crowded. I know that there’s a scene. Once in a while you play on the right day, the right venue and it’s completely full but it’s really hard to play in Italy if you can’t trust the fans. So if people don’t come out to our shows we will stop to go to your country. That’s if how it goes. When we come there, everybody needs to go out. You can’t be lazy if you want heavy metal to survive in your country. Last year we had a tour with Ambush and Evil Invaders and we played in Italy maybe in front of 150 people there. You can compare that to the day before in Germany, in Munic with over 800 people at the show. It’s a pity. I know that there’s a scene. We also played in front of those people in Italy once but it happens only sometimes and other times it doesn’t.

Which countries do you think you are more famous and sell more out of Sweden?

I think that probably the best country in the world for our music and heavy metal is Mexico and maybe Argentina. That’s the best countries.

I remember as artist life in Scandinavia was pretty nice in past.. today with Europe many things changed. How is your life out of the band and can you get to the end of the month only with music?

I am trying to survive this year with music only and I think that’s working out fine when you release an album, you tour headline and you can sell some merch on internet and you have some incoming royalties. Other years when you don’t put out music it’s harder.

It seems like sometimes you played cover songs of Venom, Misfits, Priest and Maiden on stage. Have you ever think about to record it any in studio? Which one you would choose in case?

Yeah. I hope once to do an album with the cover songs we use to play sometimes in live shows. Maybe a cover record really or something like that. It might be the next thing that we do but it’s in my head so far, but I can’t tell it.

Last words.. any thanks to whom for this album and your success? And any promise or words to italian fans?

We did all this almoast everything ourselves so probably I don’t have anyone to thank. We have our vocal producer Richard who has been doing a lot for us which is great. About the last words to italian fans well.. We count on every one of you to get out to our shows. When there’s an heavy metal show in town, you gotta be there man!

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